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Downtown Project

We had an amazing opportunity to visit the downtown project in Las Vegas and interview Tony Hsieh at his apartment. Here’s a photo of the downtown area and the new Zappos headquarters. Here’s more info on the downtown project.


Here’s another room.


Here’s the oxygen room.


Tony’s favorite animal is a llama so the city plans just happen to be…


Here’s the interview with Tony.


The Fashion Alley show.


A New Success Habit – One A Day

How you like them apples? No, we’re not talking about apples up in here. We’re talking about taking massive (or not so massive) action on your marketing ideas. Several weeks ago someone shared a Seth Godin blog post called, The Simple Power of One A Day. This absolutely resonated with us because everyone can do one thing a day. Our personal goal is to do 3 A Day. Meh. Can you commit to doing one marketing activity a day? Tell us about it.

Chuck Templeton, Founder of Open Table

I interviewed founder of, Chuck Templeton, on how he raised $250,000,000+ for his companies, social entrepreneurship, the foundational principles for a successful start-up, how to be scrappy, sticktoitiveness etc.

Here’s the one about how to raise capital.

Introducing: The Impact Engine

My past client, the Impact Engine, supports for-profit businesses making the world a better place. They provide entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need to build companies that address today’s societal and environmental challenges.

Here’s the overview video we produced for them.

For more information on the Impact Engine visit their site the Impact Engine.